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Coal on a Multifuel stove,

It's worth pointing out that, while most multifuel stoves are equipped to burn normal house coal, often stove manufacturers will advise against this, the amount of soot found in house coal can result in your stove system becoming clogged very quickly. To avoid this, you can use smokeless coal to reduce the amount of smoke and soot going up your flue. Smokeless fuel has the added benefit of being better for the environment and being suitable for use in small controlled areas.

Of course, you should always check your owners manual for the final word from the manufacturer on what fuel are recommended for use in yours.

Now getting down to which fuel is best for multifuel stoves, the answer is fairly obvious when you think about it. If multifuel stoves were the most effective method of burning wood, then what you would know as wood-burning stoves would have become redundant years ago. The very fact that multifuel stoves exist indicate that they have been designed and engineered for the purpose of burning coal.

The most obvious example of this is the grate. Coal burns best on a raised great since it needs an air supply from below to burn effectively. Wood doesn't need this additionally supply, so when you're using wood on the multifuel stove you might find that it burns faster than on a wood burning stove because of the extra oxygen around it. Wood burners come with a flat grate, which limits the air supplied to the fuel and this results in a slower burn. In short, if you're thinking of using wood as your main fuel then its best to buy a wood-burning stove in the first place. By buying a multifuel stove, you're already making a commitment to coal being the fuel you want to use most of the time. For the reason we've already mentioned, that makes smokeless coal the prime candidate. Some smokeless fuels that you might like to consider our anthracite, as well as a host of brand named alternatives such as new flame plus and coalite ovals.

Of course, the multifuel stove also brings with it the versatility of been able to choose which fuels you'd rather use at a particular time.

Smokeless fuels for multi fuel stoves

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Smokeless briquettes (ovoid’s) for the home heating market. Soaring energy costs in the UK have seen a dramatic increase in the number of homes seeking supplementary heating, particularly stoves. Industry statistics suggest that over 150,000 new home heating stoves were installed in the last year alone, creating a renaissance in the growth of good quality manufactured fuels.

Natura Pre Packed

Natura are own branded pre-pack & contains an HETAS approved Product  for open and closed appliances and authorised for use in smoke control areas. The medium sized ovoid is easy to light and control, high heat output, long burn duration, low ash burns with a lively flame and provides excellent value for money.


Anthracite small nuts (stovesse) & large nuts (stove nuts) both sizes are suitable for Multi Fuels stoves ( Multi Burners ) there are different grade according to calorific value of the products Anthracite is a natural smokeless fuel.

Natura Smokeless Coal Newflame

A premium multipurpose fuel which is suitable for use on open fires, room heaters and multifuel stoves. New flame is HETAS approved for open and closed appliances and authorized for use in smoke controlled areas by DEFRA. The Large pillow shaped ovoid is easy to light and control, provides a high radiant heat output, long burn duration, low ash, is clean burning and burns with a lively flame.


A premium product design for fires, room heaters and multifuel stoves. The large size ovoid is HETAS approved for open and closed appliances and authorized for use in smoke controlled areas.

Home flame ovals have a high heat output and burn duration, they are easy to light and control, have a high heat output, low ash and burn with a lively flame. It is not unusual for home flame ovals to slowly burn comfortably for up to 15 hours on a multifuel stove.